Flavored Rolling Papers

As tobacco taxes soar, more and more people are turning to RYO (roll-your-own) cigarettes. Rolling papers have been around for a long time — as early as the 16th century — and through the centuries have been subject to various innovations. We carry the latest in flavored papers and they are extremely popular.


We carry all sorts of fancy lighting torches, butane lighters, pocket lighters, and more. If you need to get the latest gear and great prices on imported gadgets, we have a nice collection for you.

Energy Drinks

The “wake up” drinks like Red Bull, Rockstar, Monster, Starbucks Coffees and more grace our chillers for those who want something to keep them going all day.

Relaxation Drinks

The newest beverage type is the anti-Red Bull or relaxation drinks. Formerly concoctions from a variety of home remedies for colds and then more recently, specialized mixes of various herbs and plants, these new drinks are fast becoming more popular for those wanting more from their beverages. Chill out with these new drinks. Try them today.

Beer, Fine Ales, Sodas, Juices and more

All your favorites and even some locally produced drinks that will keep you smiling with every sip.